About YWB

Hi and Welcome! The idea for Your Whole Baby came to me in December of 2014. As I was getting deeper into my passion for ending the cutting of all babies' genitals at birth, I was looking for websites to share with pregnant family, friends, and acquaintances and none of the existing websites had the exact feel I was comfortable sharing. I sent my friend an email and told her, "I have a dream... to make my own anti-circ/pro-intact website."  I told her the general feel I wanted for the website name and she came up with Your Whole Baby. (I'd give her credit here, but she's kind of a private person.) I knew I wanted to have a categorized collection of the many, many articles that I'd collected from the internet. I had so many bookmarked pages on my computer, I couldn't keep track of them all. I wanted the website to be a place where activists could quickly and easily find an article, video, or graphic that they were looking for, and for it to be a place where activists could send expecting parents to begin their research. I threw around different ideas, got input from other members of the online intact communities and the website has slowly grown and evolved from there. 

Before becoming a stay at home mom and founding Your Whole Baby, I taught middle school and high school English for seven years in Texas public schools. Previous to teaching, I spent several years working for an animal rights' organization in the Campaigns department. All forms of activism are similar in how they function and evolve and they all share basic techniques that are most effective in creating change. I am able to take what I learned working for a nonprofit animal rights group and put it to use for saving babies. There are all forms of activism, some subtle and private, like leaving intact information cards places, some loud and in-your-face, like demonstrations, and even some middle of the road activism, like tabling. All forms of activism have their place in the movement, all are important and all are effective in different ways. We need everyone's voices, quiet and loud, to bring this practice to an end as soon as possible. 

My hope is that Your Whole Baby continues to grow and reach parents who might not otherwise have been reached. I would like to eventually have representatives of Your Whole Baby in every state in the United States and countries around the world where genital cutting of children is still being performed. If you have interest in getting involved, please contact me

Thanks for your support!