Ideas for spreading a positive intact message

In addition to carding, there are many ways you can spread the message "Boys are born perfect too!" as you go about your day.
Check out our fun ideas, and contact us here if you have one you would like to add.


leave a pen

Many places you go have pen cups. You could leave one at the doctor's office, dentist's office, or any store or gas station. How about the post office? Keep a few on you just to hand to someone who asks. Leave one with the check at a restaurant.

Your Whole Baby pens

Elephant in the Hospital pens

get creative

Often Children's museums, malls, or other places where young families go have opportunities for creative expression. While kids spell out their names or "Hi, Mom!" you can leave the Your Whole Baby name or website ( instead. Here, kids (and moms!) were allowed to use stickers to cover the room with pictures, designs, or words.

If there is a chalk festival, write "Boys are Born Perfect!" If there are alphabet letters, re-arrange them to spell out the website. One intactivist found a pillow in a store that had sequins intended to be flipped over to make patterns. She wrote Your Whole Baby hoping to educate whoever saw it next!



tap on Technology

In any "big box" store, there will be tablets, phones, and/or laptops displayed. If the device is connected to the internet, you can pull up an intact-info website and even go to a graphic that you love. The next person who checks out the device will see your message. If you are at the mall, you have many options of cell phone stores and kiosks, plus the Apple or Microsoft stores, where you can tap, tap, tap to spread awareness.

If you want to use one of ours, just go to, click "Be the Change," and select "Graphics for Social Media. We have many categories with hundreds of graphics. This one is found under "Born Perfect" near the top.