Contribute to Your Whole Baby


Contribute to Your Whole Baby

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Through the efforts of Intactivist organizations the average rate of male genital cutting has decreased from approximately 80% in the 1980's to approximately 50% today but there is still much to be done to combat the cultural conditioning that permeates families and the medical field.  Approximately 3,000 baby boys are still cut everyday in the USA.  One baby saved today automatically translates into future generations of intact boys. 

Your investment goes toward:

  • Printing costs for educational materials

  • Postage costs to mail educational materials to expecting parents, medical organizations, etc.

  • Tabling/outreach event costs

  • Website hosting costs

Donations exceeding $10,000 would enable YWB to:

  • Run ads in newspapers/magazines

  • Have billboard campaigns

  • Expand our efforts to reach out to medical professionals

  • Enable more activists to promote the intact message at a regional level

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