Historic NOHARMM "Body Integrity" Poster

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NOHARMMPoster (web 294KB).jpg

Historic NOHARMM "Body Integrity" Poster

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25% of all sales go to Your Whole Baby. 

Purchase ONE poster in mint condition or FIVE posters with minor defects.

The Body Integrity Poster was created in 1998 for a public awareness campaign initiated by the National Organization to Halt the Abuse and Routine Mutilation of Males (NOHARMM). The concept was envisioned by NOHARMM founder Tim Hammond and skillfully executed by professional photographer James Loewen.

The design features a yawning male Caucasian newborn named Texas and an alert female African-American newborn named Jamaica. The clear message is that regardless of whether one is born male or female, both genders deserve protection of their bodily integrity. Dakota is supported by the arms of an African-American woman, while Jamaica is supported by the arms of a Caucasian man, symbolizing a common struggle, a unity of purpose and the need to mutually support campaigns to protect the bodily integrity and genital autonomy of all children, regardless of gender.

When originally released, the image was available in both standard postcard size and the 11 x 17 inch poster format printed in duotone matt finish on double weight, quality stock paper. What remains today is a small quantity of these posters (less than 100). The posters are in mint condition and are suitable for framing.

There is also a smaller quantity of posters (around 80) that have minor production defects, mostly small blemishes in the black background in the upper left quadrant of the poster. They are still suitable for mounting in displays at educational events, attachment to signs at public demonstrations, and other uses.

Once these posters are gone, they are gone forever, yet hopefully will be disseminated to an aware and activist community who share the vision of a safer, healthier future for children that protects their basic human right to bodily integrity and genital autonomy.

Purchases will support the ongoing work of the Global Survey of Circumcision Harm to assist with expenses related to sharing the voices and experiences of affected survey respondents with larger audiences at conferences, seminars and other events (e.g., registration, travel, lodging, advertising, and other costs). 

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