At the hospital

If you are having your baby at a hospital, these tips will help to keep him safe from any misinformed healthcare professionals you encounter.

  • Include "DO NOT CIRCUMCISE and DO NOT TOUCH BABY'S PENIS (DO NOT RETRACT-NOT EVEN A LITTLE)" at the top of your printed birth plan. 
  • Tape a sign in baby's hospital bed that restates the above (click here to print one.)
  • Complete this form and have it added to your chart. 
  • Make sure you or your husband (if you trust him to advocate for your son) go with your son for his hospital bath. Tell the nurse who is going to bathe him that you do not want his genitals washed or touched. Or, tell them you would like to give baby boy his first bath. Or, tell them you are going to wait until baby boy goes home to bathe him (If she looks at you funny, you can use it as a chance to educate her: You are being extra cautious to make sure your son's foreskin is not retracted. Forced retraction is painful and can cause medical problems for baby boys.)
  • If your son is ever out of your direct care, make sure to inform his caregivers very clearly not to pull back his foreskin, not even a little. Visit the Basic Intact Care page to print simple, poster style instructions and a more thorough brochure. 
  • If your son spends time in the NICU make sure a sign goes in his NICU bed and the ankle bracelet stays on his ankle. Find out what times the nurses change shifts (ex. every 12 hours.) Call and talk to your son's nurse at the beginning of each shift to make sure they understand he is not to be circumcised or have his foreskin retracted. You may need to explain what retraction is.  Visit the Basic Intact Care page to print simple, poster style instructions and a more thorough brochure.  
  • Visit our Catheters & Urine Samples page to educate yourself on catheter insertion for intact boys (hint: foreskin should not be retracted.)

Do you know a doctor's office that forcibly retracts male patients or instructs parents to retract to clean their son's penis? We will send educational material to the doctor's office. In addition, contact Doctors Opposing Circumcision to file a formal complaint.