Easy Activism

Whether you are an introvert or an extrovert there are ways you can help spread the intact message, plant seeds of change and save some babies! 

Disclaimer: If you are questioning the legality of any form of activism, check with your local law enforcement. Different cities, businesses, and facilities have different laws and regulations.

Meet Like-Minded People

Join your state's chapter of Your Whole Baby.



“Freebie” info cards

“Freebie” info cards

If you're not ready to discuss circumcision with someone face to face, but you still want to help get the word out, consider ordering from our wide variety of info cards. These “Freebie” cards are one of our favorites, because they are so discreet! We have heard of people leaving these cards in all sorts of clever places: inside magazines at doctors' offices, inside newborn clothing given as gifts, inside books about pregnancy, in the pockets of maternity clothes, family bathrooms, the play area at malls, coffee shops, parks, the grocery store, etc.

You can also find a selection of print-at-home Intact Information cards here, if you prefer to print your own. 

Profile Pic Frames

These are fun and easy to add to your profile pic on Facebook! You can change them easily and often! Simply click on your FB profile picture and there will be an option to “add a frame.” Search for “Your Whole Baby” and our frames will appear as options.


These cute and simple stickers can be placed on your outgoing mail, on receipts at restaurants, on snack bags at a baby shower or anywhere else you want to leave a lasting message. These Your Whole Baby stickers can go just about anywhere! Stickers are 1.5" diameter (a bit larger than  a quarter.) Visit the Your Whole Baby Shop to order your stickers!

Anonymous Postcards & Emails

Do you know someone who is pregnant and you'd like to send them information on circumcision, but you don't feel comfortable directly approaching them? Your Whole Baby will send them an anonymous message for you.


Post Signs

Posting signs in high visibility areas is a great way to spread the message of genital autonomy with very little time commitment. 


Sidewalk chalk is a great way to spread the intact message at parks and other public places where there is heavy foot traffic. You can keep your art simple or create an elaborate masterpiece. Your kids will enjoy this one too! (And, don't forget to send pics to YWB via Facebook!) 

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: It is illegal to chalk in some locations. Make sure you know your legal rights so you don't get yourself into trouble.

Car Decals

Spread the intact message to thousands of people without ever saying a word. Let the Your Whole Baby car decal spark fellow driver's curiosity and save babies as your drive. (Send a pic of your car decal to YWB!)

Choose from several design options in the YWB Shop.

Doctor's Offices

Send "Don't Retract" Packs
Do you know a doctor's office that forcibly retracts male patients or instructs parents to retract to clean their son's penis? Order a forced retraction brochure and letter to be sent directly to the doctor anonymously. Our letter has been signed by: Adrienne Carmack, MD, Board-certified urologist and author of The Good Mommy's Guide to Her Little Boy's Penis, Alex Rotta, MD, Professor of Pediatrics, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, and Ryan McAllister, PhD, author and presenter of “An Elephant in the Hospital”.Or, print your own Summary of Intact Care to provide to your son's healthcare provider. 

Letters to Doctors
Do you know of pediatricians, OBGYNs or other doctors who perform circumcisions? Send them a letter asking them to stop performing the procedure and to provide information to parents on the benefits of leaving babies intact. A sample letter can be found here and/or send the "10 Reasons You Shouldn't Circumcise Baby Boys" letter from Intact America. 

Changing Table Posters

Help keep intact babies safe from retraction! Tape this simple and informative Proper Care poster near changing tables in public restrooms, churches, doctors' offices or anywhere parents change their baby's diaper. If you can, laminate them before hanging them up. Print your own or order one from our Shop page.  

Post Online

Post a link to an article and/or a graphic that might speak to your audience. Remember, you won't change everyone's minds and the person who wants to argue with you might not be the person you're reaching; it might be someone who clicks the link without ever saying a word to you about it. If you don't like argument or confrontation, you don't have to engage. Simply say, "I am not looking to argue. I am posting this information for anyone who might want to learn a new perspective." If you do decide to engage, remember to come from a place of love and sincerity with your responses. It can be tempting to respond with venom and hatred (we all feel that way sometimes), but that isn't going to win anyone over. Keep your eye on the prize! Changing hearts and minds. This article, on how to have productive online conversations sums it up best by stating, "In public or group discussions, most readers (especially those who are undecided) never comment at all. This means that the people you’re most likely to influence are not the people who are commenting, and those people are more likely to listen to you and agree with you if you are respectful and seek to learn the truth."

Send an Email

Ask your family and friends to support Your Whole Baby's work. Here is a sample email you might send:

"Dear Family/Friends,

If you are like me, you give monetary donations to nonprofit organizations throughout the year. I am writing to ask that you consider adding Your Whole Baby to the list of organizations you financially support. You can donate via Paypal here: https://www.yourwholebaby.org/donate/ or through our Shop page here: https://www.yourwholebaby.org/shop/contribution-to-ywb. Your donations are tax-deductible. 

This is a human rights violation that is near and dear to my heart, and this organization needs your financial assistance.

If you would like to learn more, I suggest starting with Dr. McAllister’s Georgetown University presentation, “An Elephant in the Hospital”: https://www.library.georgetown.edu/gelardin/showcase/entries/child-circumcision-elephant-hospital or you can visit our homepage: www.YourWholeBaby.org.

Every dollar donated goes into running the organization, getting educational material into the public's hands, and getting proper intact penis care into the hands of ill-informed healthcare providers.

Thank you for your support!



If you are ready to discuss circumcision with someone face to face, here are some "first sentences" to help you get started: 

  • "Congrats on your pregnancy! [Hand them an Intact Information Card.] I wanted to share this information with you. I'm always available for questions if you have any." (This would also be a not-too-awkward way to hand a stranger a card in a public place.)

  • "Have you made any decisions about circumcision yet?" or "Have you guys talked about circumcision yet?" Depending on their response you can either A. Do the happy dance or B. Ask, "Would your mind if I email you some information to look at?" or "Would you mind if I share what I have learned about it?" [Personally, I think the two most important things to share are: 1. There is no painkiller that can completely take away their pain (ask them to imagine having their genitals cut with "sort of" painkiller.) and 2. The foreskin serves many functions and makes sex better for both the man and woman.]

  • "We kept [insert baby's name] intact. Have you guys thought about that at all?"

  • Barrel of Oranges has a wonderful sample letter you can alter and email to pregnant friends/family/acquaintances.

  • This is another sample letter, written by an activist, short and simple, that you can send to an acquaintance.

Letters to Schools

Send this letter to your school district's superintendent and/or the principals of your local schools. 

Information to Midwives & Doulas

Make sure the midwives and doulas in your area have our free, printable intact care handouts for the new client information packs. 

Want to help even more? Contact us to help us compile a list of midwives and doulas around the country.

Share Incognito Articles

If you aren't quite ready to post about circumcision, share one of our incognito articles about breastfeeding, the Vitamin K shot, cute birth announcements, parenting in general, and more.  

Order our incognito information cards for a clever and pleasant way to share knowledge with a stranger.

Free Printables

Find free leaflets, info cards, stickers, letters, and more!