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A Donation in Honor of Someone is the perfect gift to give to someone who cares about the human rights violation that is happening to our baby boys. 

Give a Donation in Honor of Someone for birthdays, Christmas, or "just because." 

The person you are honoring will receive a letter notifying them of the donation and the letter will also include an:

  • Intact Care card
  • YouTube Elephant in the Hospital card
  • Peace Begins at Birth card
  • Peace Begins at Birth sticker
  • I <3 Babies! sticker
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Through the efforts of human rights organizations, the average rate of male genital cutting has decreased in the United States from approximately 80% in the 1980's to approximately 50% today. However, there is still much to be done to combat the cultural conditioning that permeates families and the medical field.  Approximately 3,000 baby boys are still cut everyday in the USA.  One baby saved today translates into generations of future intact boys. 

YWB is operated solely by a team of dedicated volunteers.  No one is paid a wage for their efforts so 100% of your investment goes toward the cause. 


Our Team

The team at Your Whole Baby is run entirely by volunteers! We are at close to 100 volunteers right now, and we are always adding more as our organization grows and our outreach efforts expand. Check out our organization chart to see how our organization operates.

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