You may never know what results come of your actions, but if you do nothing, there will be no results.
— Mahatma Gandhi

Do you want to host a Your Whole Baby or Your Whole Body table at an event in your area? We have many resources that can help you. Your number one goal is to get the positive message: “Boys are born perfect!” into the hands of event attendees. There are many ways to accomplish that, and many other helpful messages that you can communicate.

Pick a Location

Birth & baby expos, vegetarian festivals, library events, parenting expos, religious events, concerts, and Earth Day events are a few places where you can reach a large audience and share the Your Whole Baby message. The Your Whole Body message is geared toward adults, including college students, and can be shared at college health fairs, Pride events, street festivals, and more. Do a search for your area's local calendar and find an event where you can reach people who need to hear this message. You will need to contact the event organizer, fill out necessary paperwork, and see if Your Whole Baby/Body would be welcome at their event. Find out what will be provided for your use (tables? chairs? tent?) and what you will need to provide yourself. If you have found an event that you can commit to staffing, contact us for help, resources, fundraising, and more! Fill out this form, and we will get you connected with our many resources including a Facebook group for ideas, support, and instructions.

Basic Supplies

  • Banners — we have several options with gentle, baby-themed messages as well as bold messages of human rights.

  • YWB Basic Info Cards (Circumcision and Intact Care facts) — order here

  • YWB Tabling Pack — order here

More Supplies

These items include free printable files from our website, printed items in our shop, and files that you can access after filling out the tabling form and joining our Facebook group of resources.

Setting Up

On the day of the event, make sure your table is clean and covered and that all literature is displayed neatly.

Personal Appearance

By looking well put together, friendly (smile!), and approachable, you will reach more people. And don’t forget to wear a Your Whole Baby t-shirt! We have many options through our merchandise partner, Homemade Junkie Creations.

Engaging People

Stand in front of your well-organized table and engage passersby. If it’ll help you, prepare a friendly opening line. It can be as simple as “Hi! Did you get one of these yet?” Other options include, “Have you heard of Your Whole Baby?” “Would you like some information about circumcision?” “Have you ever researched circumcision?” and “We have facts about keeping babies intact!” Talk to as many people as possible, and make sure everyone leaves with literature! For birth & baby expos, handing out newborn diapers with an info card inside them has been a great way to ensure that each person at least takes home some printed information.

Answering Questions

By educating yourself on the issues before you go, you’ll ensure that answering questions will be a snap. Use the literature on your table to supplement your answers. For example, if someone asks about medical reasons for circumcision, hand them this flyer to let them know that world medical organizations do not recommend newborn circumcision. For most questions, just hand them our Basic Info Card and let them know they can use the search bar on the website or contact us with any questions.

Answering Tough Questions

It's impossible to know the stats for every question you may be asked, so don’t worry if you don’t know the answer to a tough question. Simply get the person’s contact information and offer to have someone get back to him or her. Having a copy of this Q&A sheet might help too. Remember: If you don’t know something, that’s OK — never lie!

Other Messages

In addition to our goal of educating expectant parents about circumcision, we have many other messages that can be shared at Your Whole Baby/Body events.

  • Foreskin positivity — we want to tell people that the foreskin is valuable and awesome to have.

  • Proper intact care — parents expecting boys, caregivers, doctors, and other medical professionals all need to know that the foreskin should not be retracted until the boy himself chooses to do so.

  • Human rights — many people feel strongly about protecting babies from genital cutting, and they need to know that they are not alone.

  • Gentle/natural parenting — we want people to know that bodily integrity is foundational to making gentle and/or natural parenting decisions.

  • Faith considerations — we have cards and information to connect the reasons to keep babies whole to different religions.

  • Accurate medical and scientific information — doctors in most countries oppose routine infant circumcision, and we want to inform the U.S. medical profession about the facts that support keeping babies intact.

  • Vegetarian/vegan connection —respecting the bodies of newborns is consistent with respect for all creatures.

  • Green/eco and natural living — foreskin is natural, and keeping babies intact is free!

  • Bodily autonomy — individuals have the right to choose how their bodies look and function, and routine infant circumcision violates that right.

Don’t forget to have fun and remember why you’re there — to help babies!

If you have a tabling event coming up, fill out our form, and we'll do what we can to be of assistance!

Tape a dum-dum to every card, stand in front of your table and say, "Free lollipops!" as you hand one to EVERY passerby.