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Breastfeeding and Your Baby 
"I love breastfeeding! As a momma who has successfully breastfed three babies beyond their first year, as well as donated breast milk towards multiple babies in need, I have a passion for seeing other mommas succeed in breastfeeding. We all know there are many physical and emotional benefits to breastfeeding, so you’d think it would come completely naturally. But each mother-baby pair is unique, and has to develop their own breastfeeding relationship."

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Baby Names
There will be many important choices you must make for your baby, and picking a name can be one of the most difficult ones!

Pregnancy Announcements
This is a collection of adorable, fun, and creative pregnancy announcements submitted by our Your Whole Baby community. We hope you find some great ideas and inspiration for announcing your next bundle of joy!

Getting Ready for Baby
"Getting ready for your baby’s arrival is hard work! Your Whole Baby is here to make preparations a little bit easier with our free Packing List and Birth Plan. You can type right into these documents from your computer or smart device, and save or print them out to help you discuss your needs and preferences with your care providers at any point during your pregnancy/delivery."

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Vitamin K
If you are concerned about the health risks of the injection, we urge you to first reconsider your circumcision decision. If you understand the harms and risks of circumcision, and choose to keep your son intact, you can make your Vitamin K injection decision without the pressure of a pending neonatal surgical procedure which requires it."

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Car Seat Safety
Did you know that 9 out of 10 parents use or install car seats incorrectly? Unintentional Motor Vehicle Traffic Accidents are the leading cause of injury deaths in the United States.  Is your child as protected as he or she can be?"

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The Big Potty
The transition from wearing diapers to using a potty can sound stressful to both caregivers and children. Here are some ideas from parents who have been there. We hope these suggestions help you and your child navigate this change without too much trouble!"

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Cloth Diapering: Why? What? How?
"As soon as I found out I was pregnant (OK, that’s a lie, it was even before), I started to research anything and everything that had to do with babies. I looked into birth options and classes, health decisions, and baby gear. Oh man, there is a lot to think about when you have a baby coming! I wanted to make safe choices, and I also wanted to save money. I quickly learned that one HUGE way to save money is to use cloth diapers instead of disposables."

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Animal Rights for Human Babies 
"Within days of his birth, he is taken from the comfort and security of his mother, he is strapped down against his will and part of his tiny body is cut off with limited to no pain relief. He thrashes in a desperate attempt to free himself and he cries, a devastating cry of distress, a heartbreaking plea for help, but no one responds and the cutting continues. Is this a day at a factory farm or a day in an American hospital’s maternity ward?


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Top Reasons to Circumcise Your Son
"I am so relieved to tell you that there are ZERO reasons to circumcise your newborn son. Go ahead, cry tears of joy, jump up and down, breathe a sigh of relief. You can keep him safe from harm and leave his body as perfect as it will be the day he is born."