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Our mission is to gently present information to expecting parents to help them make informed decisions regarding infant circumcision while also providing resources for intact care. We have developed several helpful handouts for use by professionals who work with expectant families.

We understand that not all midwives and doulas want to take a strong stand against circumcision. At the same time, we recognize that parents who choose to leave their sons intact need proper intact care information, and we hope that you would be in favor of providing it to them. Therefore, we have created a variety of free, printable “Proper Intact Care” handouts for you to choose from. These handouts are meant to be included in your New Client and Newborn Care folders to ensure that new parents who keep their sons intact will know that forced retraction (i.e. pulling back the foreskin to clean or for any other reason) causes iatrogenic injury and can lead to infection and development of scar tissue. No major medical organization in the world recommends routine infant circumcision. As the rates continue to drop, we need to make sure that parents and healthcare providers have proper intact care information, especially if they have no prior experience with foreskin and intact boys.

The Midwife Center for Birth and Women's Health in Pittsburgh was the first facility to begin including our handout in their Newborn Care packets, and many other centers have now joined their efforts. We are hoping to introduce our handouts to as many facilities and individual birth workers as possible in an effort to protect baby boys from the pain and damage of forced retraction. 

Intact Care Handouts

From Our Board Member

Dr. Ryan McAllister is on the research faculty at Georgetown University in bio-physics. He is the coordinator of NotJustSkin.org. You may know Ryan through his videos, "Circumcision: an Elephant in the Hospital" and "UnBreaking Birth". He facilitates workshops on communication, relationships, and parenting, and is an adoptive parent of an adult child with profound developmental differences.


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