Did you know that 9 out of 10 parents use or install car seats incorrectly? Unintentional Motor Vehicle Traffic Accidents are the leading cause of injury deaths in the United States.  Is your child as protected as he or she can be? At Your Whole Baby we strive to keep children safe from unnecessary harms such as injury from incorrect car seat use.

Before buckling in your precious cargo, use the YWB Cares for Kids Car Seat Checklist below to help keep your child safe.

YWB Cares for Kids: Car Seat Checklist

o   Harness straps are at or below your child’s shoulders when rear facing

o   Harness straps are at or above your child’s shoulders when forward facing

o   Straps are snug with no slack or twists

o   Chest clips are positioned at armpit level

o   There is less than 1 inch movement at belt path

o   No aftermarket products or bulky clothing are being used

o   You have read the instruction manuals for both car seat and vehicle

o   Your car seat has been checked by a Child Passenger Safety Technician (CPST)

YWB Cares for Kids: Ages and Stages Guide

Newborn to 4 years of age: Child should be in a rear facing infant or convertible seat. He or she should remain rear facing to a minimum of 2 years old. Rear facing is safest for kids under 4. 

2 -8 years of age: Child should be in a forward facing harnessed seat when no longer able to be rear facing.

5-12 years of age: Child should be in a belt positioning booster seat once they have reached the maximum height for harness on their harnessed seat and when they are mature enough to sit properly for the duration of the trip. 

10-13+ years of age: Child may use an adult seat belt when the lap belt lays across the upper thighs and the shoulder belt lays across the chest. Children under 12 are safest in the back seat.

Extended Rear Facing

Small children are still physiologically vulnerable during car collisions due to incomplete ossification (or hardening) of the bones in their bodies, lack of hardening of their body's cartilage, and immaturity of their spines. Studies have shown that keeping your child rear facing for as long as their seats allow is the absolute safest for them. Car seat experts suggest that you rear face your child until at least 3-4 years of age or until they max out their car seat model's height and weight limits!

Last updated 7.18.19.

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