What does the CDC say about circumcision? What do other medical organizations think about the CDC's stance? Read these articles to gain some insight into the CDC.

A CDC-requested, Evidence-based Critique of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 2014 Draft on Male Circumcision (Academia.edu)
"First, is the obvious lack of scientific and scholarly rigor that went into preparing this draft."

CHHRP Responds to the CDC (CHHRP)
"We realize that CDC recommendations can influence some Canadians and are pleased to provide public comment on your draft recommendations concerning male circumcision."

Public Comments on CDC Proposed Guidelines (CDC)
"Circumcision is a procedure to remove a functioning organ from a non-consenting minor. It's un-ethical and the benefits do not out weigh the risks. Where are the studies showing the infant mortality from circumcision? Also what about all the foreskin functions... why are they not included?"

Proposed CDC Guidelines on Male Circumcision: A Critique (Academia)
"Most basically, the CDC’s approach runs counter to the conventional bio-ethical (and legal) view that unnecessary surgeries, and especially those that remove non-diseased, functional tissue from an individual without his consent, are in and of themselves harmful."