Doctors who circumcise are the most resistant to change. They will not admit that they made a critical mistake by amputating an important part of the penis. Paul Fleiss If they strongly support circumcision, physicians may simply dismiss new information that conflicts with their view... Our science is affected by our cultural values... [Circumcision] reflects a cultural value, and a principal method for preserving cultural values is to disguise them as truths that are based on scientific research. This research can then be used to support medical practices. This is explains the claimed medical benefits of circumcision. Ronald Goldman Doctors, parents trust you. The fate of their son is in your hands. Please remember your oath first do no harm. Advise parents against unnecessary genital cutting. Would it be acceptable behavior for a doctor to take off a baby girl's diaper, spread open her labia to look around, then pull back her clitoral nood just to take a peek? No? Then it is not acceptable to manipulate baby boys' genitals either. Stop the madness of forced retraction. Information missing from American medical textbooks. According to one national survey, 33 percent of American obstetricians and pediatricians are personally opposed to circumcision, though some of them may not discluse this to their patients. These hands are meant to heal. But if your son's health care provider is misinformed regarding proper intact care and forced retraction, they will cause harm. Keep your son out of harm's way. Educate his providers. They keep us in the dark to perpetuate the practice. In nursing school, we were taught the reasons to cut off foreskin and how to care for the wound. No one mentioned the structures and functions of foreskin. It was always referred to as extra. Chrisann Palmieri RN-BSN Director of Your Whole Baby of New Jersey Member of Nurses for the Rights of the Child Research Rethink As a registered nurse I can assure you it is not normal to have a knife slice off a functional piece of your infant's genitals. It goes against the medical code of eithcs first, do no harm. This barbaric genital reduction surgery is well on its way to no longer being performed on non consenting infant boys. Carly Doucette, R.N. Pediatric urologiest Dr. Andrew L. Freedman, former member of the 2012 AAP Tast Force on Circumcision, just admitted that circumcision is a cultural practice rather than a medically necessary one. Eberything I was taught in medical school was a lie?! Ask Dr. Sears What are the medical benefits of circumcision? There are none! Do not make the decision to circumcise your baby because you think there are some medical benefits. A review by the American Academy of Pediatrics looked at all the data from the past decades to see of there truly were any medical benefits. Their conclusion - no. There are no significant medical benefits that make circumcision worth doing. Thank you for telling me circumcision isn't necessary. No one else did. I was so nervous about cutting my son. I used to be neutral about circumcision... but I can no longer remain neutral about an entirely cosmetic procedure. I now discourage parents in my practice from circumcising their sons. Moms and dads, we need to protect our babies from physical pain and stress as much as we can. Whether you have a son or a daughter, circumcision is not a medically indicated procedure. I recommend you keep your newborn intact. Paul Thomas, M.D., F.A.A.P. Besure to educate your doctor on forced retraction. No one should be touching your son's penis during well-baby visits. If he can bee, let it be.