What do doctors in America and around the world say about circumcision?

A Human Rights Issue (Dr. Kenneth Zatz)
"This is a debate about how far do parents’ rights extend over onto the body of their child. Whatever one thinks about the benefits of this procedure, it is a procedure. It is a surgery performed with little or no anesthesia on a helpless, restrained infant. It hurts…a lot. It takes the better part of a week to heal. It alters the appearance of the baby’s penis forever."

Time for U.S. Parents to Reconsider the Acceptability of Infant Male Circumcision (Dr. Frisch) 
"Do the benefits of male circumcision outweigh the risks? What many Americans are not aware of, however, is the fact that the United States is not just unusual, but actually unique among developed nations in finding such widespread medical support for infant male circumcision..."

Should I Circumcise My Baby? (Dr. Adrienne Carmack)
"When I began my training as a urologic surgeon in 2003, I believed, and repeated, the recommendations of national medical societies such as the American Academy of Pediatrics: circumcision is the parents' choice because there are risks and benefits that are nearly equal. I remember saying that there were good reasons to do and to not do it, and that I would just leave the choice to my husband, since he was the one with a penis."

Dr. Sears and the Decision to Circumcise or Not (Dr. Sears)
"Making the decision to circumcise is one that many parents face. There are many misconceptions and out-of-date information that parents may read. Here is a summary of the pertinent issues that you should consider when making this decision..."

Five Out of 100 Baby Boys Will Have Serious Complications From Circumcision – How Many Males Do YOU Know? (Good Men Project)
"Dr. M. David Gibbons, Associate Professor, Pediatric Urology at Georgetown University School of Medicine (who has an impressive list of affiliations in his field) says: ‘In my practice, as a pediatric urologist, I manage the complications of neonatal circumcision…in a two year period, I was referred >275 newborns and toddlers with complications of neonatal circumcision. Forty-five percent required corrective surgery – minor as well as major, especially for amputative injury.'"

Circumcision and the Code of Ethics (Dr. Denniston)
"In Canada, the rates of circumcision paid for by all provincial and territorial health agencies have declined from 44% in 1975 to 4% in 1995. In the United States, there has been a marked decline in circumcision, but the procedure still is done with considerable frequency..."

Circumcision's Complications: What Could Go Wrong? (Dr. Gibbons)
"Circumcision is a surgical procedure, and as such it does have complications. However, no medical organization tracks complication rates or severity, so it's hard to find a good estimate of either..."

Circumcision: Whose idea was it, anyway? (Dr. Kim Hamlin)
"In some families this decision receives little consideration…..OF COURSE WE’RE GOING TO CIRCUMCISE HIM! In fact, parents who choose to keep their son intact (the preferred terminology for an uncircumcised boy) often face criticism and second-guessing from grandma, grandpa..." 

Conscientious Objection Brochure (Nurses for the Rights of the Child)
"Providing this brochure to your employer or nursing school as well as co-workers, colleagues, fellow students, and others can facilitate discussions about your decision to take a conscientious objector position."

Wonderfully Created - Nurses Corner (Little Images - Sylvia, RN MSN FNP-C CEN)
"Many people do not realize that the glans was designed to be an internal organ; in the intact male it is a mucous membrane, soft and moist – like the inside of your cheek."

The Case Against Circumcision (Dr. Paul Fleiss)
" Circumcision started in America during the masturbation hysteria of the Victorian Era, when a few American doctors circumcised boys to punish them for masturbating. "

We Need to Stop Circumcision (Dr. Christiane Northrup)
"Circumcision is an unnecessary procedure that is painful and can lead to complications, including death. No organization in the world currently recommends this..."

Circumcision Information from Australia (Parenting and Child Health) 
"Circumcision is the removal of the flap of skin which naturally covers the tip of the penis. Many people, including some doctors, have very strong feelings about circumcision."

Dr. Dean Edell Statement on Circumcision (Dr. Dean Edell)
"I have had a long and vociferous opposition to the practice of routine male circumcision. While many parents in the 60s, in their zeal to return to nature, abandoned the practice, it was 15 years ago that the birth of my fourth son prompted my rethinking of the issue (my first three sons were circumcised)."

Practical Tips for Men Distressed by Their Circumcision (Psychology Today)
“I am deeply troubled by having been circumcised as an infant. It causes me distress on a daily basis and interferes with my ability to enjoy life. Can you suggest a professional who can help me?”

American Doctors Today (Freelance Star-Original Publication)
"I don’t do circumcisions. I was trained to, and had to do them while still in the Navy... I believe that removing a healthy body part for cosmetic reasons is not appropriate..."