Hello Daddy, here I am! I'm so glad to finally meet you! Promise me I will stay safe in these arms? Dad, thanks for taking such good care of me! You mastered this feeding thing, changed like a million of my diapers, and told the doctor to leave my natural penis intact. You're gonna do great! When you are ready to tell him, we are here for you. What was so difficult in leaving my son intact was not that my son would feel different in a locker room, but that I would feel different from him. I would then have to accpe that I'm an amputee from the wars of a past geneneration. Why doesn't he understand? I simply can't hurt my child. Why doesn't she understand? I was circumcised and I'm find. Leave your son intact and your grandson will look like his dad. There is no better gift a father can give to his son than to one day explain to him, "my mommy and daddy had a part of my penis cut off when I was born because they thought it was the right thing to do. I learned that it isn't the right thing to do, so I told the doctor not to hurt you when you were born." A new family tradition starts with you. I didn't cut my son because it didn't seem important for him to be like me. I wanted him to be better than me. He deserves his whole body. Getting your son's foreskin removed at birth may keep him from noticing that you don't match. But it will not keep him from learning that he has been robbed of the protective and pleasurable functions of the foreskin. You don't have to tell him about those, but the Internet will. His intact friends will. Let him keep his whole body. He will thank you for it someday. Thank you, Dad. You've researched the quickest route to the hospital, and aced the newborn care class. I know you can't wait to meet me and you want everything to be perfect. Have you learned about the 16 functions of the foreskin? Everything will be perfect. Boys are born perfect too. Keep me that way. To a baby it doesn't matter whether or not his genitals match those of his father. The baby's main interest is to be loved and cared for and not to be in pain. It's important for the father for whatever reason. The baby's interests have to come first, as he is totally dependent on the care and the protection of his parents. An adult should be able to handle his emotions and take care of the baby first, putting his own insecurities aside. And if matching penis is really that important to dad, he can always start restoration process and should be able to match his son, when he is older. Karmen Sagrestano I told my husband that a penis isn't an outfit; they don't need to match. Want your son to match his daddy? Match their outfits, not their genitals. Rethink circumcision. Research the functions of the foreskin. It takes a strong may to acknowlege that he was harmed by circumcision, but a strong man can protect his son from the same harmful mistake. Someday you will talk to your son about his body. Which conversation do you want to have? Son, you look different from be because we did not have your foreskin removed. We knew that you were born perfect, and we wanted you to have the body nature intended. We didn't want to put you through unncessary suffering. Son we got part of your penis cut off when you were born so that you would match your dad. Strong enough to admit my injury. Strong enough to break the cycle. Which other healthy part of my body is my dad allowed to have surgically altered to match his? I love my husband's body. My husband loves his body. But we agree that something was taken from him without his consent. He was hurt and scarred. We decided to protect our son from that pain. We will give him the gift of being able to enjoy his whole body. My husband is circumcised and when we disagreed on whether or not to circumcise our baby, he used the argument that a son should look like his father. He later found out that his own father is intact. My husband was in his 20's and never knew. So much for needing to look like dad. Our bodies don't have to match. I promise I'll love you just the same.