Today's kids are growing up with whole bodies and respect for genital integrity of all. Their parents did their research and found that circumcision is an unnecessary and harmful procedure. selfie yourwholebaby #yourwholebaby #intact #mybodymychoice #intactgeneration #ywb #littleimages #bornperfect By the time I am old enough for a desk job, intact will be the new norm for boys in the USA just like most of the rest of the world. Join Generation Intact now by keeping your son whole! Created perfect born perfect kept perfect generation intact we stand together for generation intact The parents of Generation Intact know where to put their hard-earned cash. Will you keep your money to benefit your son's future? Or will you spend it to conform his penis to an outdated cultural norm? Save your money; save your son from harm. College fund circumcision fund My parents said no to circumcision. Instead of a damaging surgery, we get to save this money for something that will actually benefit college. I am part of generation intact! You don't need to have a son to be part of Generation Intact. Teach your daughter to respect the genital integrity of all. and you will raise a baby-saving superhero! Circumcision was not common in America until the late 1940s. when neonatal circumcision rates reached 50% after rapidly increasing since the 1930s. Prior to the early 1900s, circumcision was nearly unheard of outside of jewish and muslim families. Baby's great grandfather baby's father baby boy 7x 6x 5x 4x 3x great great grandfather baby's grandfather Circumcision rates have been on the decline since the 1970s. With the exception of the past few generations, keeping baby boys intact is (and has always been) the norm.