Circumcision does not affect HIV in U.S. men: study (U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)
"Black and Latino men were just as likely to become infected with the AIDS virus whether they were circumcised or not, Greg Millett of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found."

Circumcision, Autonomy and Public Health (Public Health Ethics)
"We conclude that circumcision of minors in developed countries on public health grounds is much harder to justify than proponents of the surgery suggest."

Malawi: Circumcision Disaster - Malawi HIV Infection Rate Doubles (All Africa)
"Following up the reports that Malawi24 released on 25 July that circumcision does not help in the reduction of HIV but exacerbates it, reports have emerged that have agreed with the facts that we had earlier established."

Male Circumcision and HIV Prevention Insufficient Evidence and Neglected External Validity (American Journal of Preventative Medicine)
"Recent editorials have asked the global health community to scale up male circumcision for HIV prevention in regions with HIV epidemics following the publication of three randomized controlled clinical trials (RCCTs) in Africa (in South Africa, Uganda, and Kenya)."

Male Circumcision for the Prevention of HIV (Dr. Carmack)
"One of the most common arguments given for newborn circumcision these days is HIV prevention. The issue is very confusing to most people because statistics do show a decrease in HIV transmission rates in men who are circumcised. The illogic of this argument as a justification for circumcision in men or little boys is rather apparent, though, and I feel very frustrated when I hear it."

HIV/AIDS (Doctors Opposing Circumcision)
"As with other STIs, there is no evidence that circumcision has had any impact on lowering the incidence of HIV infection in the United States.."

Not a Surgical Vaccine (Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health)
"Australian medical authorities have discouraged routine circumcision of male infants since 1971, when the Australian Paediatric Association issued a short statement that the procedure should not be performed."

Sexually Transmitted Infections and Male Circumcision: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis (International Scholarly Research Notices)
"The claim that circumcision reduces the risk of sexually transmitted infections has been repeated so frequently that many believe it is true."

Sexually Transmitted Infections (Doctors Opposing Circumcision)
The medical evidence does not support the practice of neonatal circumcision to prevent sexually transmitted infections. In fact, the evidence indicates that circumcision may actually increase the overall risk of STIs."