We are all equal, and we all deserve equal protection. male intersex female In honor of Jonathon Conte What's the big deal about circumcision? All I did was post on Facebook that I was getting my son circumcised. Now, my inbox is full of messages from total strangers. Why do they care so much? Find out why people feel so strongly about circumcision and the right to gential integrity. Many women fear uncircumcised children will not be part of their cultural lineage, or will have genitalia considered unclean or ugly Do you agree with these reasons to circumcise? This quote is about female circumcision. Do you still agree? Remove your cultural blinders. Research circumcision. Close your eyes and imagine how you would feel if I told you I was going to circumcise my daughter. That is how I feel when you tell me you are going to circumcise your son, despite being given the facts that show it is painful and damaging. Just because it's legal, doesn't mean it's ethical. Got ethics? Gender equality begins at birth. Research forced infant circumcision. Have the most serious talk before saying "I do." Discuss the human rights issue of infant circumcision with your partner. African-Americans did not choose slavery. Jews did not choose genocide. Babies do not choose genital mutilation. Everyone gets a choice. Except the victim. Legality does not equal morality slavery used to be legal abolish circumcision Circumcision probe An instrument used to penetrate the genital opening of a non-consenting infant for the purpose of forcibly breaking the fused tissue between the foreskin and glans of the penis. This is the first step in most infant circumcisions. Sexual Assault with an object To use an object or instrument to unlawfully penetrate however slightly, the genital or anal openeing of the body of another person, without the consent of the victim, including instances where the victim is incapable of giving consent because of his/her age or because of his/her temporary or permanent mental or physical incapacity. The who review quoted three randomized controlled trials suggesting that circumcision reduces the risk of acquiring HIV infection in males. But this potential health benefit does not over-ride a chold's right to give informed consent to the practice. The deicision to undertake circumcision for these reasons can be deferred to a time where the risk is relevant and the child is old enough to choose and consent for himself. Human rights for all humans... baby boys too. The holocaust was legal, slavery was legal, segregation was legal. If you use the state as a metric for ethics you'll end up disappointed. Lex Looper Mother jailed for circumcision of daugher, 4 woman who is trying to stop her son from court-ordered circumcision at four years old now a fugitive Illegal to circumcise little girls. Illegal to stop the circumcision of little boys. Circumcision: a world of hypocrisy. A high proportion of circumcisions are carried out on neonates and very young children with no capacity to consent for themselfs. a children's rights analysis suggests that non-consentual, non-theraputic circumcision of boys, whatsoever the circumstances, constitutes a gross violation of their rights, including the right to pyhsical integrity, to freedom of thought and religion and to protection from physical and mental violence. Vegetarians! You would never... brand a calf... or dock a pig's tail... please don't hurt me either. Your son deserves the same rights. Foreskin is not a mistake. Circumcision is extremely painful. Your religious rights end where his body begins. You can't shout, "my body, my choice!" from the rooftops and then say it doesn't apply to your son period. Pro-life because it's the baby's body and that baby has rights? That baby should also have a right to having his body protected after he's born. You don't want him hurt in the womb, don't hurt hum once he's born. Pro-choice because it's the mother's body and she has rights? Her body, her choice. Once born: His body, his choice. You wanted your choice to be respected, now, respect your son's right to choose. Circumcision takes away his right to choose what is right for his body. Circumcision is no big deal - it's just removing the tip. So is a clitoridectomy. Boys and girls deserve better than any amount of forced genital cutting. My child my choice children don't have rights no bashing lol Do you know what the american cultural equivalent is? circumcision. do your research. Intactivism is not about taking away the rights of the parent... Intactivism is about protecting the rights of the child. Genital cutting is genital mutilation plain and simple! Gender is irrelevant. Theresa Moore As a registered nurse I can assure you it is not normal to have a knife slice off a functional piece of your infant's genitals. It goes against the medical code of ethics, "First, do no harm." This barbaric genital reduction surgery is well on its way to no longer being performed on non-consenting infant boys. Carly Doucette We don't have female murder and male murder. We just have murder. J. Steven Svoboda Attorneys for the Rights of the Child We don't have female genital mutilation and male genital mutilation. We just have genital mutilation. poor guy... had to get him circumcised because of a UTI... you sure? They only gave us an antibiotic for hers... circumcision talk about it For-skin for-her and for-him Genital mutilation happened to me get over it genital mutilation is cruel genital mutilation is unethical genital mutilation is dehumanizing genital mutilation violated my human rights if I were a woman I would be protected under federal law from genital mutilation but because a euphemism describes what was done to me, people truly believe that it's not the same thing, and so they say, I should just get over it we will should the truth until there is no one left to hear it. forced infant circumcision is a human rights violation All of these babies deserve a life free from unnecessary suffering. Foreskin mutilation = genital mutilation mutilators will be prosecuted What parents can and cannot do to their sons and daughters withhold food whip them until they bleed sexually assault them sell them for ses sell their organs burn or cut their skin cut off their fingers cut off their ears or noses cut off their genitals This is a device used to enact a "parental decision." And this is a device used to commit a felony. All children deserve equal protection from forced genital cutting. That baby you're circumcising? He's going to grow into a man. A man with his own opinions about his body. Leave his choice intact. Question circumcision. Circumcision is the most important parental decision where you decide if you will treat your son like a person or like property. The 14th amendment contains the equal protection clause which states, no state shall...deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws. Females are protected by law from any cutting of their genitals that is not medically necessary. Routine infant male circumcision may still be legal, but it is clearly unconstitutional. What kind of message does it send our children when we subject them to painful, irreversible, unnecessary body modifications almost immediately after birth because we are dissatisfied with their natural appearance? Should their first life lesson be that their looks are more important than their rights? Are you willing to stand up and stand out for the rights of a child? learn why forced infant circumcision is a human rights issue. My sister was born perfect... I was born with all this extra skin, 300 ft of extra blood vessels, 240 ft of extra nerves, 2 extra components of my immune system. All these extras meant my parents altered my sex organ for their own opinions, even though my sister was born with extra skin... I'm not perfect like her. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion about circumcision we agree. Your son is entitled to issue his own opinion on whether or not he wants to keep his foreskin resepect that. Making the decision to cut your child's genitals is not a matter of opinion. It is not a parenting choice. It is not a personal preference. It is a human rights issue. His body = his choice It was legal to circumcise me in the United States until 1997. Then it became a felony. Show our boys that they are just as valued in our society. Say no to forced infant circumcision and be on the right side of history. Would you be allowed to amputate a healthy part of my body with no medical indication? That depends. Only if I'm a boy. And only if it's part of my genitals. My body was spared elective genital cutting surgery because I was born a female I was born after 1997 I was born in the US If I ever have a brother, I hope he can feel as safe as I do right now. Keep your daughters and your sons whole. Research circumcision and the functions of the foreskin. Intactivism is not about taking away the rights of the parent... Intactivism is about protecting the rights of boys and men say yes to foreskin. We are all equal, and we all deserve equal protection. Male intersex female In honor of Jonathon Conte, 1981-2016, who strived to ensure that all babies were represented in the fight against the genital cutting of children. By law, we cannot customize our daughters' genitals. Find out why our sons deserve the same protection My sex organs belong to me my sex organs belong to my parents. Two bodies. One right. Genital autonomy is why I fight. Both of these babies were born perfect. Your daughter has the law protecting her. Your son needs you to protect him.