Images of circumcision Complications - adults



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The images you are about to view are extremely graphic. Complications from genital cutting are common and extremely damaging.

Photographs of complications from circumcision on adult penises are shown below for educational purposes. Do not continue scrolling unless you are prepared to see such images.

Adhesions. "Being born in the US of course you tend to get circumcised automatically. It turns out that there are things the hospital staff is supposed to do after your newborn self is circumcised to make sure the wound heals properly. Just my luck, either through negligence or malice, those things weren't take care of and now I have a part of my junk fused to another part of said junk. I am not even sure surgery could fix it, in fact I'm afraid it might make things worse... I would've preferred that no one came near my penis with a scalpel, but sadly someone else made a different choice for me." -Posted on

Scars. All circumcisions leave a scar around the shaft of the penis. (Thank you to for allowing us to display these images.)

Loss of frenulum. The frenulum is commonly removed or severely damaged during circumcision. Some people refer to the frenulum as the "male g-spot." In this image, you can see an intact frenulum on the left and a circumcised penis with no frenulum on the right.