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Photographs of intact and cut penises are shown below for educational purposes. Do not continue scrolling unless you are prepared to see such images.


Intact (not circumcised) infants are the norm throughout the majority of the world, but in a few rare populations (Jewish, Muslim and American) circumcision is prevalent. For this reason, some American parents-to-be have no idea what an intact infant looks like. They may have heard that the intact penis is gross, dirty, weird or a host of other negative adjectives. Some facets of our American society falsely perpetuate a derogatory impression of the intact male body, when in fact it is just as natural and normal as the intact female body.

It is important for expecting parents to see that there is nothing hideous or weird about a normal, natural, intact infant. The absolute worst it can be to your eyes is unusual because of what you have been conditioned to believe is normal. After your one-hundredth diaper change, the intact penis will seem completely normal, and you will breathe a sigh of relief that you knew to protect your son. Anything that might seem different about an intact infant is a million times better than the raw, bloody stump that is left after genital cutting. 

Images of Intact Infants

Intact penises come in all shapes and sizes - just as the female vulva (commonly referred to as the vagina) does. 

Intact, Newly Circumcised, Healed Circumcision

Stanford Medicine provides an image of an intact infant, a newly circumcised infant, and an infant after his circumcision has healed. 

Circumcised Infants

Circumcision is a ripping, tearing, and cutting of important skin from a delicate newborn's body.

Source: Images of Cut Infants are from Stanford Medicine's circumcision videos. 

Genital cutting comes with many risks including death. The risks are both immediate and long-term, as newborn cutting can damage him for life. View these images to get a better understanding of why you do not want to take this risk with your precious, fragile, newborn son.

Learn about the many wonderful functions of the foreskin and view the difference between intact and circumcised men.