Congrats! It's a boy!

Welcome, researching parents!

You are here because you have never loved anyone as much as you love your unborn child. You want to make sure you are doing right by him and making the best parenting decisions you can for him. Not just for when he is a baby, but for when he is an adult. 

Your decisions now shape and affect his entire life. Parenthood is a lot of pressure, isn't it?

I am so relieved to tell you that there are ZERO reasons to circumcise your newborn son. Go ahead, cry tears of joy, jump up and down, breathe a sigh of relief. You can keep him safe from harm and leave his body as perfect as it will be the day he is born. 

The rates of circumcision in America are rapidly decreasing. Only about 50% of boys in the USA are still being circumcised. The number of intact (not circumcised) babies is even higher in our Western states. The vast majority of men in the world have their foreskins. As American parents learn what the rest of the world already knows, those rates will continue to decrease at record speed. 

Foreskin has many important and pleasurable functions and circumcision robs your son of a part of his body that he needs. Genitals should not have scars. 

Contrary to some beliefs, foreskin does not cause infections (forced retraction can) and children are not worried about matching genitals. When is the last time you compared genitals with your parents? 

Please check out and research the five steps that will lead you to the same conclusion. 

Your baby will truly be born perfect. Body modifications should be the last thing on your mind.

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Jen Williams
Founder & Executive Director
Your Whole Baby