Please consider joining today. Your Whole Baby memberships are only available in the months of December and June.

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How do I become a member?
Set up an ongoing monthly donation to Your Whole Baby, donating $25 or more per month.

What will members receive?

  • A laminated “Your Whole Baby: Proud Supporter” membership card

  • Each month, starting in January, you will receive a thank you package with Your Whole Baby items like those seen on our Shop page (retail cost of goodies ranges from $5 to $15)

  • The same perks as our Distinguished Donors: thank you gifts based on your level of donation and your name (optionally) listed on our Distinguished Donors webpage

  • Individual coupon code for use in the Your Whole Baby Shop (5% off for monthly donations of $25 or more, 10% off for monthly donations of $50 or more)

  • Membership in our Members Only Your Whole Baby FB group (we will post organization updates and special offers)

  • The wonderful feeling you get knowing you are making a difference for a cause that is near and dear to your heart

What happens if I cancel my monthly donations after a few months?
Membership perks are only for those supporters who are actively donating each month. If you donate for a few months and then cancel your monthly donations, your member perks will expire at that time. For example, if you donate for two months and then cancel, you’ll receive two monthly packages and then they will stop arriving.

What if I want to become a Your Whole Baby member, but I don’t want the monthly packages?
You can still become a member! After you join, you will receive a welcome email from our Founder and Executive Director, Jen Williams. If you have any specific requests (such as not wanting to receive the monthly packages) we will do our best to accommodate you.

What if I can’t afford $25 a month?
If you set up an ongoing monthly donation of $5 or more, you will receive a laminated “Your Whole Baby: Proud Supporter” membership card, a one-time thank you package, and a one-time use, 5% off, coupon code for the Your Whole Baby Shop.

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Why should I become a member?
Your Whole Baby has over 70 volunteers who are spending countless hours helping to make our organization the successful nonprofit that it is! Your ongoing donations allow us to focus our time and energy on protecting baby boys, so we don’t have to focus so much of our time on fundraising! The work Your Whole Baby volunteers do is incredibly rewarding, but the more financial support our organization has, the easier it is for us to focus on our roles within the organization.

Will my donations be tax-deductible?
Yes. Your Whole Baby is a 501c(3). Your donations are tax-deductible.