Men's Testimonies  

"I have wanted to be intact since I was 11 years old and found out what a normal penis looks like. There have always been subtle flaws I hated about my penis. I have always had shallow lines on the top of my glans, a brown ring around my shaft and a lot of inner foreskin with little shaft skin which made my penis look shorter than it is.”

“I found out at a very young age that every flaw I saw in the most private part of my body was not Mother Nature being a bitch. It was from a selfish doctor who mutilated my penis for profit in the absence of my consent and a medical reason. Apparently, people didn't see me as a person when I was an infant.”

“Fortunately, much of these scars are fading and a lot of the damage is reversing but even if I could snap my fingers and be whole immediately (which will never happen) it would not make what happened to me even close to ethical or just.” (On restoration)

“I have hated being circumcised since I was just a kid. It has significantly influenced my mind and left me with anxiety, sexual insecurity and it has left me with odd behaviors that didn't make sense until I began studying psychology. For example, I feel uncomfortable being intimate with women because I have always feared they'd hurt me. For ages I wouldn't even let a girlfriend touch my leg because it was too close to comfort. To this day I still have a hard time trusting people and I have this paranoia that no one has compassion for men, which intactivism has shown me is largely true. I also have always felt uncomfortable hugging my own family. It has always disturbed me. Circumcision trauma has also left me with sadomasochistic fetishes. Sexual pleasure is at its greatest height for me if it's paired with pain and violence.”

“Circumcision trauma has had a lasting effect on my mind and my body and I would jump off a cliff right now just to stop this from happening any longer and to heal all other victims. I hear the stories of men every day. I get messages from males from as young as 12 and as old as 80 telling me they cry themselves to sleep every night and they feel like they'll never be good enough because an essential part of them is missing.”

“This is the biggest medical hoax in American history. Males are being raped, mutilated and exploited and it's happening right under our noses because Americans are too stupid to see male genital mutilation for what it is. I have healed a lot from foreskin restoration and regular meditation but I have accepted the fact that as long as babies are being harmed and men are being mocked for caring that they're mutilated, I will always live my life with a broken heart."

 "24 years ago, I was born. But I was immediately traumatized. My own mother handed me over to a doctor who strapped me down on a board shaped like a baby. Without anything for pain, he cut part of my penis off. Everyone in the hospital wing listened to me scream for help and did nothing. I choked on my own screams and gagged and vomited. I was in agony. I eventually passed out from the pain. I bled. None of this was my fault. It's not my fault I was born a boy in California. It's not my fault my mother wanted my penis to match her idea of sexy. It's not my fault the doctor knew the surgery was unnecessary torture but was so greedy he did it anyway for a thousand dollars. It's not my fault it's legal in my country to torture a baby. I am glad I don't remember that terror and pain consciously, but it has tainted my mind and emotions since then and should have never been done. It's wrong to sexually abuse anyone, let alone a newborn baby."  

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