Premature Foreskin Retraction

Adrienne Carmack, MD

In an article from the National Organization for Circumcision Resource Center, you'll find information about forced retraction of the foreskin. This is extremely important!

As a urologist, I have had to do circumcisions on young boys because of scarring and infections that developed as a result of either doctors forcibly retracting their foreskins or parents doing it on doctor’s advice.

Parents are routinely taught that this is important. It’s not. In my personal experience, it is of utmost importance that no one but the child messes with his foreskin.

On the same hand, though, I do feel that little boys are not allowed enough access to their genitals. Let your babies be out of diapers and let them touch themselves! It’s important, it’s natural, and it’s meant to be. Their foreskin will separate with their own tugging and manipulation and the cells and tissues the body produces on its own. 


Dr. Carmack is a board-certified urologist and mother of three children, none of whom are circumcised. She is the author of Reclaiming My Birth Rights: A Mother’s Wisdom Triumphs Over the Harmful Practices of Her Medical Profession and The Good Mommy’s Guide to Her Little Boy’s Penis.