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Photographs of adult penises both cut and intact are shown below for educational purposes. There are images of flaccid and erect penises. Do not continue scrolling unless you are prepared to see such images.

Demystifying the intact penis

Just as the clitoris is covered by the prepuce (clitoral hood) to keep it sensitive and protected, so is the glans (head of the penis) covered by the prepuce (foreskin) to keep it sensitive and protected. The clitoris and glans (head of the penis) are internal organs, only meant to come out for “special” occasions. Almost all animals, male and female, human and non-human, are born with a prepuce (clitoral hood/foreskin) because of the protection it offers our most sensitive and intimate body parts. Foreskin is pleasurable and purposeful, but many humans, female and male, are having theirs taken from them without their consent, for reasons that cannot justify the pain, the many complications, and the damage that is caused.

View the images below to see the difference between circumcised and intact adult penises. The difference between the calloused, circumcised adult penis and the natural, intact adult penis is apparent. Watch a video of a circumcision being performed and see the damage that is done and the pain that is caused. Ending circumcision for future generations begins with parents educating themselves and making the decision to protect their sons from this archaic and barbaric ritual. Start a new family tradition!

Intact Adults

The foreskin covers the head of the penis, protecting it and keeping it sensitive for intercourse. 

Source: Images of Intact Adults from Circumstitions

Source: Images of Intact Adults from Intact Black

Intact vs. Cut Adults

The images clearly show that an intact penis is a healthier penis. 

Source: Images of Intact vs. Cut Adults from Circumstitions

The scar from genital cutting is very visible on men with darker skin tones. 

Source: Images of Circumcised Adults from Wikimedia

Significant Amount of Skin Removed

If a female’s prepuce is removed during circumcision, her clitoris is still protected to a degree, by her labia. If a male’s prepuce (foreskin) is removed during circumcision there is nothing left to protect his glans (penis head) and the skin on the head of his penis becomes dried and calloused, and it no longer functions the way it was originally designed. In other words, the part of the penis that is meant to be lubricated, internal, and the most sensitive part of the penis becomes a dried-out, non-lubricated, calloused, external organ. Do men and women who have had their prepuces removed still enjoy sex? To some degree or another, many do; but many men have side effects and complications caused by circumcision. A common complication of circumcision is having tight, painful erections because too much skin was removed. Since doctors can’t predict the growth of a baby’s penis, how much foreskin to remove during the newborn's circumcision is a guessing game. Most mothers will never know that their sons have complications from circumcision because the problems don’t start until they begin getting erections, and most teenage boys will never tell their moms that they experience problems with erections.


Another common side effect of being circumcised is loss of sensitivity on the glans (head of the penis) due to callousing when the protective foreskin is missing. The foreskin covers and protects the head of the penis and keeps it naturally lubricated. The head of the circumcised penis becomes calloused because of the skin rubbing against clothing, exposure to air, and also because the foreskin is no longer there keeping it moist. This loss of natural sensation often leads to the fast, “jack rabbit” or "jackhammer" thrusting many circumcised men must use to experience enough pleasure for orgasm. This “jack rabbit”/"jackhammer" style is often not as satisfying for the female partner whose body is designed for a slower, more sensual pace that the natural intact penis provides.  

Circumcision is as unnecessary for a newborn boy as it is for a newborn girl. It permanently alters a male’s body and sexual function without his consent. This permanent body modification affects not only the man himself, but his future sexual partners. Since there is no medical reason to have your son circumcised at birth, this important and life-altering decision should be left to each male to decide for himself as an adult. A grown man can have anesthesia for the procedure and proper pain medication afterward, but a newborn cannot.


Read about the many complications that accompany genital cutting and see images of complications shown on adult males.