Resources for Circumcision Trauma and Regret

Learning the truth about circumcision can be very difficult for people who were circumcised as children, and for parents with circumcised sons. A mental health care provider can help you process a wide range of emotions in a respectful environment.

If you are a man who is experiencing anger, rage, distrust, resentment, anguish, bitterness, depression, or thoughts of suicide because you are circumcised...

If you have been dismissed, misunderstood, embarrassed, or mocked by others when you’ve expressed your feelings of violation...

If you are a parent who feels guilty, ashamed, angry, victimized, heartbroken, or devastated because you allowed your son to be circumcised...

If you are traumatized from witnessing your son’s circumcision...

Then the professionals listed here may be able to help. In the United States, where male genital cutting is largely believed to be "just a little snip,” sometimes it can be difficult to find a mental health care provider who will respect and understand your feelings about circumcision and be able to guide you in the healing process. (Though there are many who do understand, or at least are open to learning.) The providers on this page are men and women who recognize the trauma caused by genital cutting and can offer a perspective that other mental health care providers might not be able to provide.

Somatic Experiencing Practitioner
Releasing the Past Psychotherapy

I have a Masters in Counseling and am a certified Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (S.E.P), with additional certification to teach Somatic Trauma Resolution (STR), both powerfully effective in the treatment of abuse, loss, injury, and other trauma. My 35-year professional and personal growth path — seeking and finding solutions to my own challenges — forms the foundation for what I offer to others. Many kind and wise teachers have generously helped me on my path. As I came to feel increasing contentment and fulfillment in my life, I felt called give back — to assist others.

Service area: I live and practice in Colorado and offer remote sessions by phone or Skype.

Dr. Goldman is the founder and Executive Director of the Circumcision Resource Center, a nonprofit educational organization in Boston. Men who have concerns and feelings about circumcision contact him regularly. Parents with regret for choosing circumcision or difficulty deciding about circumcision of a son are supported with empathy and compassion. He is particularly supportive of Jewish parents.

Dr. Goldman’s books, Circumcision: The Hidden Trauma and Questioning Circumcision: A Jewish Perspective, have educated many on unrecognized psychological and Jewish aspects of circumcision. They include groundbreaking investigations based on hundreds of contacts with men, parents, Jews, and medical and mental health professionals.

Service Area: Boston area and New England for therapeutic, body-oriented sessions and counseling by telephone and Skype.

Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Postpartum Health & Harmony

I specialize in maternal mental health, which includes prenatal and postpartum stress, infertility, and loss issues.  I provide individual and couples therapy, as well as group therapy for mothers in need of prenatal & postpartum support.  

Service area: Northern NJ  

Therapist & Parent Coach
Empathic Parenting Counseling & Coaching

I provide counseling and coaching to parents looking to reconcile their past or gain skills to parent peacefully and respectfully. I also specialize in perinatal mood and anxiety disorders.

Service Area: Southern Oregon

Licensed Psychotherapist
Thirty Years Experience

I offer individual psychotherapy and specialize in clearing out trauma.  I'm a Certified Expert and Trainer in EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), and have been training other therapists in EFT for nearly 10 years.

Service Area:  California

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

have been working for over thirty years with men and women who experienced bereavement or trauma. I have written extensively on the topic of boys and men and their unique paths in processing emotions and work with women who are struggling to understand the men and boys they love. I use EMDR and Mindfulness in a caring and supportive environment

Service Area: Gaithersburg MD, outside of Washington D.C. I also offer consultations via the phone and Skype.

If you are searching for local mental health care and multiple options exist, it can help to screen potential providers to discern their feelings on the subject and see if they are a good fit for you. This way you can protect yourself and derive maximum benefit from therapy.

Read our collection of experiences from parents who chose circumcision for one or more sons, and came to regret the choice. Learn more about how they have dealt with negative feelings and communicated openly with their children and/or partners.

Non-professional support for regret parents can be found in these Facebook groups:

If you are a mental healthcare provider/professional life coach or know a mental healthcare provider/professional life coach who would be a good addition to this list of resources, please contact us