yeast & irritation images


Yeast Blisters & Discharge

Images shown below were treated for yeast and healed within days. 

Swelling from Yeast

Pictures below are of an infant who woke up with swelling seen in the first image. When he went to sleep the night before, everything was normal. His parents took him to the doctor, who informed them "It doesn't look like yeast. It came on too quickly to be yeast." He called it 'some sort of infection" and prescribed an oral antibiotic (appropriate for a bacterial infection).

The parents decided to treat for yeast for 24 hours to see if there was any improvement before starting the antibiotic (which can exacerbate and cause yeast) since bacterial infections are far more rare than a yeast issue. Topical Lotrimin (clotrimazole) was applied, alternately with a coconut oil and probiotic mixture, and he had a few soaks in a bath with some apple cider vinegar. 

After 24 hours [image 2], there was significant improvement. The swelling and redness were almost completely gone, with the exception of the tip of the foreskin.

After 48 hours [image 3], he was back to normal with no swelling and only natural rosiness of the foreskin. He was never given antibiotics, only treated for yeast.


Images shown below either cleared up on their own or with a bit of Calmoseptine or Coconut Oil.