the your whole baby effect

Below, you will find stories from people who used Your Whole Baby to create positive changes that benefit baby boys, their families, and the medical community. Read and be inspired by their stories!

Alliana K. - Mother

My son recently had his 2-year-old well-child appointment with a family practice doctor who was new to us. During the genital portion of the exam, the doctor stated that my son's foreskin seemed “a little tight,” and he began attempting to retract it over the glans. My son, who had been very cooperative up to this point, reached for me and yelled, “Ouch! Stop that!” I held my son and diapered him without thinking much about it, as I did not have any concerns with his urination or with his penis in general. The doctor suggested that we manipulate the foreskin several times a day with Vaseline during diaper changes to release the foreskin from the glans.


After the appointment, I checked in with a midwife friend who confirmed that this doctor's advice and efforts to manipulate the foreskin were wrong and potentially harmful. She referred me to Your Whole Baby, where I found free printable materials on intact penis care and the harms of forced retraction. I delivered these materials right to the receptionist at the doctor’s office, explained that I would not be returning to the practice, and advised that the provider update himself on current clinical practices regarding care for the intact child.

Even though I’m a registered nurse, it’s likely I would not have had the courage to challenge this provider in person during my son’s appointment. Thankfully, the printed materials allowed me to address this incident with easy-to-understand, evidence-based recommendations for care.


The provider called my home that evening to let me know he had reviewed the materials. He admitted that his understanding of care for intact males was out of date. I've decided to change providers for my son, and I’ll be supported this time with my "script" from Your Whole Baby. I will agree to a "looking only” exam, and we can discuss any potential concerns with my child in the comfort of my arms.

Stephanie C. - Mother

I just want to say thank you to whoever created the info packets and works hard to send them out. We were having issues with multiple doctors at our practice manipulating my son's penis. It happened even after they agreed it is wrong to retract and stated they would not prior to opening his diaper. I think maybe it happened because the opening in his foreskin is so tiny, and it appears to be more on top than at the end, so they wanted to make sure things were fine. I stopped them immediately every time and no damage was done. However, I was becoming very discouraged, so I sent a packet to them addressed to the practitioner that I've liked the most so far. My son has since seen her twice, and she has not touched his penis at all again either time. She is very young, and I'm hoping the information gave her a reason to look more into the harms of retraction. I hope this will save more babies than just mine in the future, and that we continue to have a positive relationship with our doctor. So again, thank you!

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