How My Donation Directly Effects Change Now and for Future Generations

In 2017, we heard from 141 families who chose not to circumcise their baby boys as a direct result of Your Whole Baby’s efforts, which include our educational tables, this website, our Facebook presence, and other forms of outreach. Our generous donors contributed $6,800 to our organization in 2017. This translates to an investment of around $48 for each child we know was protected from the physical and psychological harms of circumcision. Since we only receive feedback from a fraction of the parents who utilize our resources, we believe the investment per child protected is significantly lower. In other words, your donation makes a BIG impact!

When a boy is protected from circumcision TODAY, it’s likely that no financial investment will be necessary to protect his children and future generations in his family. In addition, the children of today will grow up to be the lawmakers and healthcare providers of tomorrow - they will ensure that future generations of boys will be protected. This makes your donation priceless!

“The website helped me to make an informed choice about my baby's health. I'll never been able to say thank you enough for saving my son.” - Heather

“After researching on YWB it became crystal clear there was nothing wrong with my newborn baby boy. Nothing needed to be 'fixed' or taken away. He was perfectly whole.” - Jenna

“I was uneducated about circumcision, but after reading one regret story somewhere, I knew I didn't want to. Joining this group not only made me 110% sure I wouldn't let that happen to my baby, but it also gave me tools to help me convince my (circumcised) husband to understand and be on my side.” - Alyssa

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