It hasn't always been easy making parenting decisions by myself. Letting my sons stay intact is one choice that got right. How can you tell which parents care about genital autonomy? It's my son's penis. It's my son's penis. See which word they emphasize. It's not the family penis. Can't decide whether to circumcise your son? Don't! risky damaging save the irreversible decisions for him! unnecessary painful doctors say they didn't make the decision; they only performed the action and thus claim that they are not reponsible. Parents say they didn't perform the action; they only made the decision and thus claim that they are not reponsible. Yet it is the boy who is responsible for carrying the results of these decisions and actions with him for his entire life. If you modify your son's body without his consent to fit another person's ideal, you have become his first bully. Don't cut your son to "protect" him. Children should be taught to respect all bodies. Education, not amputation. Expectant parents have many questions: Do these wipes work well? Should my baby have a pacifier? Is this lotion gentle enough for her skin? Will these diapers fit if he has chunky thighs? If we use bottles, which brand will she take? Should we circumcise our son? Only one of these is a permanent decision that should be his alone. Research foreskin and the harms of circumcision, and bring your whole baby home. If your goal is a healthy baby, then the choice is clear. Guard your son from infant circumcision. I would never want you to take something from him just because it was taken from me. The choices you make for him now will impact his life forever. Baby boys grow into men. Let him be the one to make decisions about his most personal body part. To each his own. Not to each his parents' own. Property of me. Keeping your baby intact is no more a decision than "deciding" not to cut off his fingers at birth. Dad's choice is not being ignored in favor of yours. Your "choice" is not your choice; it is your son's natural form. Leave him in his default state. Bring him home whole. No decision making necessary. Are babies and children mere "property" from which their parents can slice off pieces on a whim? Or are they human beings with rights, needs, and feelings of their own? Rosemary Romberg Out of 5,416 different species of mammals: only two animals are born without a foreskin (prepuce) while only one believes it is defective and removes it from its young. Making the decision to cut your child's genitals is not a matter of opinion. It is not a parenting choice. It is not a personal preference. It is a human rights issue. his body = his choice If the only way a practice can continue in our society is to force it on newborns, it should not exist. The opporunity to end your family's chan of circumcision is on your hands. Implied consent: "necessary medical care given to prevent imminent and significant harm to the pediatric patient with a emergency medical condition when the child cannot give truly informed consent. You can consent to a surgery for his heart. You can consent to a ventilator for his lungs. Keeping his foreskin puts your infant in no danger. You cannot consent to forcefully remove it. Save him from harm. Don't force it on him. If babies could talk, they would not consent to having part of their bodies removed. Infant circumcision vs. adult circumcision Cloth or disposables? The person buying and changing the diapers gets to make the choice. Intact or circumcised? The person who will own the penis for his while life gets to make the choice. None of these boys want their genitals cut. Which ones should have the right to say no? Age, of the inability to speak, should not determine a human's right to his whole body. According to you, my dad was the best person to decide how my penis would look and function for the rest of my life... ...not me, the person who actually uses it? Rethink forced infant circumcision. It's the best choice for our family. Family dinner Family pet Family Car Family penis The decision to permanently alter your son's genitals is not a family choice. It is his choice. Circumcision is a parenting choice, just like breastfeeding! Custom circumcision options high and tight low and tight high and loose low and loose frenulum removed none of the above should be decided by anyone except the owner of the penis. There is only one right answer to the circumcision decision.