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By Carrie Simon, Director
Your Whole Baby of New York

In the fall of 2015, a young Florida boy was taken from his mother and circumcised against her (and his) wishes with a court order requested by the boy's father. It was a bitter end to a long court battle. The number of parents against forced infant genital cutting are growing in the US and with this growth, arguments between guardians and threats to force circumcision are becoming more common. 

In addition, as more boys are being kept intact, instances of forced retraction at the hands of medical professionals are becoming increasingly common. Parents are finding themselves needing to protect their sons from medical professionals and teach them proper intact care.

Laws regarding custody, guardianship, and medical decision making are state specific. We do not have answers to every question but we are here to help and will continue to update this page with new information.

The following resources are for parents or guardians in need of legal help to protect a child from genital cutting or forced retraction. Information regarding litigation after a botched circumcision or improper intact care by a medical professional can also be found below. 


Include this circumcision/retraction refusal form in your hospital medical records at delivery, and in your child's medical records. 

Have Your Whole Baby send an Avoiding Forced Retraction brochure and informative letter to your child's healthcare provider before your son's first appointment. 

Arm yourself with the confidence to protect your son. The more knowledgeable you are on intact care, the more confident you will be at preventing your son from being harmed. Learn about Basic Intact Care, Forced Retraction, how to Prevent Forced Retraction, what to do At The Hospital and tips for Choosing a Pediatrician. Find out what health organizations, including the AAP, say about the retraction of children. Last, but not least, Empower Yourself!


If your son was forcibly retracted, have a Your Whole Baby forced retraction brochure and informative letter sent to your child's healthcare provider immediately. Regardless of whether you change healthcare providers because of a forced retraction incidence, it may save another child from forced retraction.  

Doctors Opposing Circumcision offers a free service (donations are appreciated) to parents whose child has been injured by premature, forcible, foreskin retraction (PFFR). They will help parents through the process of filing a complaint against the healthcare worker who injured their son. They do their best to respond to inquires within 24 hours. 

Attorneys for the Rights of the Child provides legal information on circumcision related lawsuits. Inquiries are typically responded to within 24 hours. 

David J. Llewellyn, Attorney at Law Mr. Llewellyn is a trial attorney and civil mediator, whose practice emphasizes cases involving medical malpractice, particularly in the areas of genital injury, circumcision damage, and wrongful circumcision.

Daniel Vazquez, Attorney at Law Mr. Vazquez is a plaintiff personal injury attorney and handles medical malpractice cases.