I stopped hiding

By Keegan, a Pennsylvania father

Let me tell you my story:

I am male. I have two boys, ages four and almost three, and a third on the way. I was so against my first child being intact and I didn't even know why. I had the typical arguments: It's dirtier, religious reasons that weren't real, and the age old "I'm circumcised so he will be too."

Keegan and his family

I bullied and convinced my wife to cut our oldest child without any factual reasons. As soon as I witnessed my oldest get cut, I immediately knew I had made a bad decision. While in that room, I witnessed first-hand a total of five circumcisions. Seeing how those boys reacted and changed was just heartbreaking. I knew in my heart and mind that it wasn't right, but still continued pushing my reasons for getting it done.

Fast forward a few months. My wife started talking to me about keeping our second son intact. I was against it, yet again. I didn't even have any reasons other than I was cut. I argued and belittled her, but I secretly researched it (plus my wife sent me links). I'm extremely egotistical (typical male), but on our way to the hospital to deliver our second child, I spoke up and finally said it, "I don't want this one circumcised.”

I could tell my wife was so relieved. It was one of the best parental decisions I have ever made. My youngest is almost three and he is intact. He has had, literally, zero issues. If you knew me, you would understand that it’s very hard for me to change, and yet, I did. I stopped hiding behind my feelings and started thinking and speaking factually.

My third son will also be intact and I'm damn proud of that. My second and third sons’ penises will be different than mine and that's okay! They are the way nature made them and I love that. I am actually envious that they are intact and I'm not.


I've read stories about moms who don’t want to circumcise but the dad does. I know what that’s like because I was in the same boat, and now I have two (soon to be three) sons, one intact and one not. My whole point is that I would like to help. If you're a woman in the same position as my wife once was, please have your husband or boyfriend message me and I will get a lot more in depth with them about my experience.

I want fathers to know it’s okay for your son to experience something different than what you experienced and it’s okay to challenge what you were told your entire life.

I'm begging all of you unsure dads to please message me!*

* If you would like to reach out to Keegan, please contact Your Whole Baby and we will put you in touch with him.