White People: Do Your Part to Protect Babies AND Fight Racism


There’s a legacy of white control over Black bodies in the United States — a collective historical trauma. Your Whole Baby asks white genital autonomy advocates to be mindful of this reality, and use these “Do’s” and “Don’ts” when communicating with Black families.

  • DON’T . . . dogpile. Jumping on a Black person’s post that already has a bunch of comments from strangers isn’t helpful.

  • DON’T . . . share a Black person’s post to put that person on blast. Black families already deal with daily effects of racism. A public attack is harmful, and probably won't prevent any circumcisions.

  • DON’T . . . tag your Black friend. One Black person doesn't speak for all Black people. It can be exhausting to be treated as "the ambassador" or token Black advocate and exposed to hundreds of hurtful comments in the process.

  • DON’T . . . make claims about circumcision being "the mark of a slave" or a "white person's idea to stop slaves from raping white women." Countless Black Americans have been harmed and killed by centuries of white exploitation and white people assuming they know best for Black people. It's insulting to be on the receiving end of a "Black history lesson" about violence toward black bodies when it fits a white person's narrative.

  • DON’T . . . comment on a Black person's post, unless it’s to say... "Have you checked out Your Whole Baby: POC Outreach? (or another resource by and for people of color). When you help connect Black families with Black advocates, you support genital autonomy work already being done within Black communities.

  • DO . . . speak out against racist behavior when you see it. Your voice helps the next person be brave, and helps families of color feel supported.

  • DO . . . focus on the person behind the original post. If you choose to engage, do so with the intent to LISTEN FIRST. If the person isn’t receptive, fall back.

  • DO . . . consider potential difficult experiences that people from different marginalized communities may carry. Your message is more likely to reach someone if you are culturally competent and humble.

  • DO . . . work toward racism-informed genital autonomy advocacy. Familiarize yourself with YWB's materials and other resources by and for Black people. Listen and learn why acknowledging and fighting racism is necessary to do this work. Our end goal is protecting as many babies as possible through respectful, informed communication.